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The Single Wick - EZ Wick Setter

Patent Pending

Bringing the container wicking process out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century, we proudly introduce the EZ Wick Setter (Single). If you are anything like most folks, you dislike wicking containers, especially if you are facing a table full of them.

We are not suggesting that you can't get your wick centered. What we are saying is, this ingenious product will save a tremendous amount of your valuable time and we don't know many candlemakers who aren't usually busy. Of course, if you happen to be centrally challenged (like me), you will love your new EZ Wick Setter.

Operating Instructions
For the Single Wick Setting Tool

The EZ Wick Setter was designed to fit a large number of the most popular containers used by candlemakers. Setting the tool up for different size and depth containers is a snap and only takes a few seconds.


Step 1. Place your EZ Wick Setter in the size container you want to wick. Loosen the thumb screw and allow the wick tube magnet to rest on the bottom of the container.

Step 2. Push the collar down, depressing the spring until it rests against the stop. While holding the collar down against the stop, tighten the thumb screw. Caution: Do not over tighten the thumb screw.

Now your EZ Wick Setter is set up for that size and height container!


Step 3. Attach a Wick Stickum (or other adhesive) to the bottom of the wick tab. Insert a wick into the wick tube until the metal wick tab rests against the magnet.

Step 4. Place the EZ Wick Setter in the container. While holding the EZ Wick Setter firmly and squarely on the container, depress the handle, setting the wick in the container. NOTE: It is not necessary to use excessive force when setting the wick.

Step 5. Remove the EZ Wick Setter from the container and repeat the process for the remainder of your containers.

It's that quick and easy! Your container now has a wick that is perfectly centered and seated.