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We would love to hear what you think about our products! E-mail your comments and we will include them on this page.

The thing is awesome! Simple and easy to use! I want to wick every jar I have right now! :)

...I love those guys. They have great customer service and are always trying to help the Chandlers with easier products. They are wonderful!!!

I just can't tell you how happy I am with my EZ Wick Setter! It works flawlessly. I can wick jars like crazy now and its basically effortless. What a terrific product you've come up with. Thanks for everything. - Lois

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my EZ Wicker...It has been more helpful than I ever imagined! Thanks, Pam.

I just tried it and WOW! My hands shake due to an auto-immune disease and at times it was a challenge to wick the containers; however, it is so simple, fast, and accurate, thank you so much for all your trials for engineering such a wonderful product.  You have no idea of the frustration you have saved me, what a wonderful product, especially anyone that is handicapped such as me. Congratulations on your new product, I feel confident you'll be very successful, get that product out everywhere!!! Thank you again, Nancie.

Hi! I got my EZ Wick Setter in January. I make soy candles and after months of experimenting, I am finally doing my first show next week. I just wanted you to know that the EZ Wick Setter was a BIG help and made production a breeze. Thank you! - Patricia

OH MY GOSH!...I just wicked 150 jars in less than 15 about easy! This tool is fabulous and very much worth the money. Thanks for making my life a little simpler!!! - Kim

I am thrilled with my EZ Wick Setter! It has sped up my production unbelievably! I found myself telling another candlemaker that it has changed my life :) Between the EZ Wick Setter and the Wick Centering Tools, you have not only improved the quality of my life by simplifying one of my least favorite tasks, but also improved the quality of my candles. No more struggling with trying to keep those wicks straight and centered! I can now produce a product that I am consistently proud of. Best regards, Rachel

Thanks so much for your presentation at the Texas Candlemaker's Conference. I'm so glad someone else hates wicking as much as I do, but is smart enough to do something about it. - Rachal.

Ok...I got it and finally got to use it...and THIS IS THE MOST FANTASTIC TOOL!!! I wicked a case in less than a minute and all PERFECTLY CENTERED!!! I can only imagine how much time this will save candlemakers who make hundreds of candles at a time. And Don was a total treat to deal with...just wonderful customer service. TWO THUMBS UP GUYS AND GALS!! I wish I had invented it!!!! - Di

Hi, I got your email from a lady on the Candle Cauldron that said she just loves it and wouldn't be without one! I would like information on ordering one from you too. Thank you, Diane.

Can't tell you how many containers I have wicked, and this thing just seems ingenious...I think it could REALLY save some time. I have no trouble centering my wicks, but after doing that, I have to go back and firmly press down on them, and on narrower containers that means using something like the end of my wick bar to reach the bottom and push. This device would kill two birds with one stone, center the wicks, and push down to adhere, and would cut my time in half easily. - Beth saved me A LOT of time over the Christmas rush. I wicked 2 cases in just a couple minutes! I'm trilled to death to save any time I can!!! -Chris

...I LOVE MINE!!!! It has saved me HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS!!! I can have a dozen jars wicked in less than a few minutes!! Thank you also for your great service!! Sincerely, Diana

I got my EZ Wick Setter today. It works wonderfully! Thank you so much... - Patricia

I sent you an email 15 minutes after the mailman dropped off the EZ Wick Setter because I ripped open that box, set my Setter and did a case of jars all in less than 10 minutes. I LOVE this tool! I've even gone onto my candle message boards and told everyone all about this gadget and how they HAVE to buy one. This is the best little tool and I'm so glad I found it and bought it !!! Thank you again for creating this spectacular little item - I have no idea how I got along without it. - Susan

...I love the EZ Wick Setter and like the idea that you can loosen the screw and use it for different sizes. I didn't want it for getting faster at wicking (which is a plus) but I truly wanted it for centering. I am diabetic and sometimes my vision is not as good as other times and besides that I wear tri-focal glasses and some things I cannot wear them because they bother me and wicking is one of them so I really wanted it to center my wicks. Love it, love it, love it.  - Donna B.